Permanent Works

The standard design consists of a 320mm layer with 2% Geobind which will produce a Class 2 Foundation to IAN 73/06 rev 1 2009, a single stabilised capping & sub-base, non-frost susceptible replacement layer with an end performance strength of 150MPa (30% CBR) which converts to approx. 260 KN/m2 upon which floor slabs and surfacing can be laid directly. Sub grade improvements and dual layer systems also available.


Permanent Surface

Permanent Surfacing or Slab Design

Asphalt can be laid directly onto the stabilised layer; no type one regulating layer is required with achievable tolerances of +/- 10mm. This is suitable for permanent or long term works.

Conversion to Permanent Surface

Conversion to Permanent Roadway

Temporary haul roads can also be constructed to Highways Specifications and used as the capping and sub base for permanent roads after their requirement as a haul road has expired. The area is simply regraded and asphalt can be laid directly onto the stabilised layer.

Completed Permanent Work Schemes

Stabilisation to underside of slab and or tarmac works

Amazon Warrington

Drive Through Restaurant Caton Road Lancaster 

Sainsbury’s Thanet

Tesco Bicester

Car Park Caldicot

Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre

Shinfield Eastern Relief Road

Crosspoint Business Park Foundation Extension

Sainsbury’s Godalming

Frith End Sandpit

Kingwood Stud Training Track

Plot H Kingsway Business Park

Project Sapphire Granta Park

Ringmead Forest Easement Reinstatement

Slab and Service Yard Altofts Lane


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