Contaminated Land

Geotech’s contaminated land capability encapsulates many different contaminates. By working in conjunction with the Environment Agency Geotech are able to remediate previously un-developable sites safe for construction with obvious commercial benefits to all parties.

Geobind is rotavated to the low depth of 320mm so no contaminants are disturbed or allowed to go airborne during construction. Compared to muck away and disposal Geotech allows for vast cost savings to be made, whilst being safer for personnel and staff. This unlocks new possibilities for land acquisitions and projects which may have been previously written off.

Through the use of UKAS accredited testing houses Geotech monitors for leachability to ensure that contaminants are securely contained. This is in addition to the rigorous testing employed as part of our regular permanent works.

Geotech have now completed multiple encapsulation projects. The service is commonly employed on –

  • Old fuel stationsContaminated Land
  • Ex-industrial sites
  • Landfill sites
  • Airfields
  • Ex-MOD land
  • And any other sites with contaminants in the soil

Enquiries will be handled by our expert engineers and technical team.

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