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Geotech Soil Stabilisation offers a full turn key solution; from independent pre-start and on site control testing, through construction to validation and sign off, on the following:

  • Haul Roads
  • Compounds
  • Laydown Areas
  • Crane Pads
  • Piling Mats
  • Permanent Roadway Foundation to Highways Specification
  • Slab/Car Park Foundation
  • Contaminate Encapsulation

Geotech Soil Stabilisation and the Geobind system have applications within:





Industrial Developments

Industrial Developments

Full Turn-key Solutions

Temporary Works soil stabilisation solutions - Geotech Soil Stabilisation

Temporary Works

Haul roads, compounds, laydown areas, crane pads and piling mats.

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Permanent Works solutions icon - Geotech Soil Stabilisation

Permanent Works

Stabilised capping and sub base replacement for foundation, slab and tarmac works.

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Innovative Decommissioning solutions icon - Geotech Soil Stabilisation

Innovative Decommissioning

To return the original properties of the soil after temporary works utilising existing sub soil with no cart away.

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Land Decontamination Solution for Contaminated Land - Geotech Soil Stabilisation

Contaminated Land

Lock in contaminants within the soil with land encapsulation.

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