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The unique nature of Geobind means restoration of the treated soils properties is possible using a re-agent. Stone is removed and donated for reuse either to the landowner or to the main contractor, the stabilised layer broken up and then the re-agent is rotavated into soil. A tractor pulled tillage provides a healthy tilth and this is either seeded or handed back to the landowner to be replanted with crops.

1. Cultivation for Land Remediation
2. Mixing land remediation

The entire process is overseen by our UKAS accredited testing houses who record the soil properties prior to stabilisation and post stabilisation, this allows them to calculate the addition rate of re-agent required. The soil is then rotavated with re-agent in the same way in which the Geobind is applied and the testing house then validates that the original soil properties have been achieved.

Geotech’s agricultural team then condition the remediated soil to proceed with the seeding of either pasture or to allow the land owner to begin re-planting the required crop. Dependent on the time of year and weather conditions Geotech can either re-plant upon completion of the decommissioning process or return when conditions are optimum for seeding.

3. Healthy tilth as part of Land Remediation
4. Land remediation meeting

Geotech has an expert agricultural team who carry out its regeneration work and have many years of experience which is available to contractors in land agent and land owner discussions. This means that they can allay any fears a land owner may have prior to construction and can potentially speed or restart any discussion that could hold up or even block works going ahead.

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