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Soil Stabilisation

Sustainable ground strength enhancement with the unique proprietary binder Geobind.

Temporary works can be decommissioned with no detriment to existing ground. Soil properties are returned to original values giving complete landowner comfort.

Innovative solutions for permanent works and contaminated land encapsulation.

A one pass single stabilised layer system, creating combined capping & sub base in a fraction of the time compared with traditional construction or other stabilisation methods.

Temporary Works soil stabilisation solutions - Geotech Soil Stabilisation

Temporary Works

Haul roads, compounds, laydown areas, crane pads and piling mats.

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Permanent Works solutions icon - Geotech Soil Stabilisation

Permanent Works

Stabilised capping and sub base replacement for foundation, slab and tarmac works.

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Innovative Decommissioning solutions icon - Geotech Soil Stabilisation

Innovative Decommissioning

To return the original properties of the soil after temporary works utilising existing sub soil with no cart away.

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Land Decontamination Solution for Contaminated Land - Geotech Soil Stabilisation

Contaminated Land

Lock in contaminants within the soil with land encapsulation.

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Benefits of Geobind over Traditional Methods


Fewer Lorry Movements


Faster Programme Time


Less CO2 Produced


Less Primary Aggregate Imported

I would confirm that Pinnacle Consulting Engineers would have no hesitation in recommending the use of your Geobind system.

Recently completed large retail sites in Wisbech and Bicester have performed as designed and the adoption of soil treatment for external works terrain modelling and the preparation of pavement formation delivered cost and programme benefits to each project.

Director, Pinnacle

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